Finance & Administration


The Finance & Administration department:

  • Oversees, as Chief Financial Officer for 13 Colorado community colleges, the functions of accounting, payroll, accounts payable, internal audit, system-wide budgeting. The System serves about 50,000 students, which is equal to about 34,000 full-time equivalent students, with annual revenues of about $397,000,000 including current and plant funds.
  • Develops system-wide fiscal policies for recommendation to the President and Board.
  • Supervises the facilities planning and development function for the System.
  • Liaison for the System with the staff of the State Legislature, Office of State Planning and Budget, State Controller, Colorado Commission on Higher Education and other colleges, universities, agencies and organizations on financial matters of mutual concern.
  • Provides Internal Audit Services to the colleges.
  • Prepares System-wide Financial Statements.

Forms, Policies, & Handbooks


Forms/Procedures Link/
New Account Request Form
Org Code Delegations & Approvals Signature Delegation/Self Service Banner (SSB) Access Request – for Org Code Owner Form
CCCS System Accounting Procedures (SAP) Manual


Forms Link/
Appendix I: Instructions for Decision Item & Supplemental Requests
Appendix II: System Office Decision Item Change Request Form
Appendix III: System Office Supplemental Request Form

Purchasing & Requisitions

Forms/Procedures Link/
ABCs of Purchasing Process
Banner Purchasing Manual
Purchase Requisition Form
Disposal / Replacement Report
Exhibit IC – Independent Contractor Status
Official Function Payment Request Form
Official Function Policy
Pay Direct Request Form
Tax Exemption Certificate for CCCS
W-9 (to be completed by vendor)
Approval Request Form (ARF)
Approval Request Form – Travel Calculation Sheet
Catering & Food Purchase Authorized Accounts
Approved Vendors for Services
Procurement Card (PCard) Forms and Resources
P-Cardholder Handbook 2014
P-Card Program Handbook – College Level (Requirements & Guidelines)
P-Card Application
P-Card Instructions / Colorado Procurement Card Program
P-Card Monthly Certification and Approvals Form
P-Card Audit Checklist
Top Ten Best P-Card Practices
State of Colorado Purchasing Policies
Contract Policies Issued by the State Controller
Purchase Order Terms and Conditions (T & C)

State of Colorado Contract Forms

Form Link/
Personal Services Contract
Model IT Services
Interagency Agreement
Grant Agreement
Special Provisions
Office of the State Controller – Model Contracts, Forms and Tools

State of Colorado - Office of the State Architect

Form Link/
State Buildings Programs – including project management and forms
Real Estate Programs – including lease forms and easement agreements

State of Colorado Signature Pages

Form Link/
Contract Signature Page
Inter-Agency Agreements
IT Contracts
Property Leases

Vendor Relations

Form Link/
Scope of Work, PERA template
W-9 – Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification
Vendor Disclosure Statement
Certification and Authorization for Unauthorized Immigrants

Tuition Assistance

Form Link/Download
Fall 2015-Summer 2016 Tuition Reimbursement Application Part I and II
Fall 2015-Summer 2016 Tuition Reimbursement Application Calculation Part III
Fall 2014-Summer 2015 Tuition Reimbursement Application-Part I and II
Fall 2014-Summer 2015 Tuition Reimbursement Application Calculation – Part III
Tuition Reimbursement Contact Information

Travel Expense

Form Link/
Travel Expense Form effective January 1, 2015
Travel Expense Form effective through December 31, 2014
Travel Expense Form for Non-Employees effective January 1, 2015
Travel Expense Form for Non-Employees effective through December 31, 2014
Out-of-State / Country Travel Request and Authorization Form
Airline “BH” Travel Numbers / Instructions in Obtaining a Travel Number
Travel Reimbursement Information
Authorized Per Diem Meal Reimbursement Rates (CCCS In-state/Out-of-state)
Colorado Eligible Mileage from CCCS Lowry Campus Office and mileage chart from CCCS to metro area locations
Corporate Travel Card Application
Waiver of Liability for Domestic/International Travel (Student Only)
Travel Guidelines & Tips

Motor Pool

Form Link/
Motor Pool Car Request (State ID required)
State Fleet Management / Motor Pool Information
The Fleet Management / Motor Pool reservation service provides access to Motor Pool reservations 24 hours a day

Miscellaneous Forms

Form Link/
Art Reproduction Request / Quick Copy Form
Certification for Personal Services Agreement Form (HR)
Contract Routing Form for CCCS (also Agreements, Leases & MOU)
Name Badge & Business Card Order Form
Personnel Requisition / Change Form
Personnel Requisition Routing Slip