Common Course Numbering System


The Colorado Community College Common Courses (Common Course Numbering System – CCCNS) has been developed to facilitate ease of transfer for community college students from one community college to the other and from the community college to the four-year educational institutions, to improve program planning, to increase communication among all of the colleges, and to facilitate articulation arrangements from high schools to the community colleges. The scope includes all courses offered for credit at the community colleges, and the structure is content specific rather than program, department or discipline specific. The goal of the CCCNS is to establish consistency in course offerings across the system.

Courses with common content carry the same prefix, number, title, credits, description, competencies and outline. These commonly described courses facilitate transfer and articulation arrangements for Colorado’s secondary and community college students and ensure curriculum quality across the colleges.

Additional Resources

Faculty & Advisor Resources

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List of Abbreviated Prefixes with Titles and CIP Codes
Procedure for Entering Courses into the System
gtPathways Nomination Procedure
gtPathways Nomination Flowchart
gtPathways Approved Courses
Placement for Developmental Courses after Redesign
Placement for Developmental Courses before Redesign
Crosswalk of Prefix and Number Changes
Common Grading Symbols

Preview Changes

Course Guide Development

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AACRAO Numbering and Prefix Guidelines
Bloom’s Taxonomy Action verb guide
Variable Credit Courses
Instructions for Completing the Course Guide Template
Course Guide Template (Blank)
Classification of Instructional Programs Chart
Copy for Use in College Catalogs
New – Revised CourseĀ  Procedures Flow Chart
New – Revised Course Procedures
Discipline Chair Manual

List of Faculty Committees

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Discipline Team Chairs
SFCC (State Faculty Curriculum Committee) members
Credit For Prior Learning Committee (CPLC)
Basic Skills Task Force
Educational Services Curriculum Committee