Meeting Minutes & Schedule


2012 Meetings & Minutes

2012 Meeting Meeting Minutes & Presentation
Jan DEFT Meeting Minutes (Jan. 6)

  • Tenn. Board of Regents: Developmental Studies Redesign Initiative

Feb. Rescheduled due to snow N/A
Mar. 9 DEFT Meeting Minutes (Mar. 9)

  • The Case for Accelerated English and Math. Presentation by Myra Snell of Los Medanos College in California

Apr DEFT Meeting Minutes (Apr. 6)

  • SMART Math, Jackson State Community College, presentation by Betty Frost, NCAT Scholar

Peter Adams, Accelerated Learning program at the Community College of Baltimore County, presentation on philosophical principles of acceleration (Apr. 20)

  • Peter Adams’ afternoon session notes

May DEFT Meeting Minutes (May 18)

Presentation by Tom deWit

  • PDF 1-Transforming and Accelerating
  • PDF 2-NOVA Playing with Practice
  • PDF 3-Accelerated Inquiry
  • PDF 4-Acceleration Lenses
  • PDF 5-Acceleration in Context

Jun DEFT Meeting Minutes (Jun. 1)

  • The Cadillac of Developmental Education, presentation by Amy Getz of the University of Texas at Austin
  • Developmental Education in CCCS, presentation by
  • Matt Rysavy Math Course Flow Chart

Jul DEFT Meeting Minutes (Jul. 6)

  • Remediation Redesign Workshop, presentation by Tristan Denley of Austin Peay State University

Aug DEFT Meeting Minutes (Aug. 3)

  • Attendance Roster
  • Rewriting the Story for ACE Students. Speakers: Ashley Moorshead, Brandon Feres, Susan Achziger, and Rachel Ankney from Community College of Aurora

Sep DEFT Meeting Minutes (Sep. 7)

Lisa Silverstein & Linda Sue Hoops – CCD Fast Start program

  • Professor O’Leary/LIT 115-01C, Spring 2012

CCD Center for Language, Arts & Behavioral Sciences

  • English 090-3C / Literature 115-3C: Basic Composition and Introduction to Literature, CCD

Oct DEFT Meeting Minutes (Oct. 5)

FRCC Learning Communities

  • Presentation: ALP and Learning communities at FRCC, Shawna Van and Matt Stillwell
Nov DEFT Meeting Minutes (Nov. 2)

  • Presentation: Matthew Wilson – Hard-blocked Placement Systems

FRCC Curriculum Committee Task Force on Prerequisites

  • Presentation: Ron Gordon – Creating A Multiple Measures Placement System Presentation focused on how to set up multiple measures in the Accuplacer platform



Dec No meeting N/A

2011 Meetings & Minutes

2011 Meeting Meeting Minutes & Presentation
Sep DEFT Meeting Minutes (Sep. 22)
Oct No meeting N/A
Nov DEFT Meeting Minutes (Nov. 4)

  • Contextualized Curriculum Planning Guide
  • Contextualized Curriculum 2
  • I-Best Article

Dec DEFT Meeting Minutes (Dec. 2)