Employment Opportunities


The CCCS System Office hires employees into three types of positions: Administrative, Professional – Technical; Classified; and Adjunct Instructors.  Our community colleges hire additional positions such as Faculty, Student Hourly, and Work Studies. For a complete listing of community college positions go to the Colorado Community Colleges Job Boards page.

Administrative, Professional-Technical (APT) Positions – APT positions have been exempted from the State of Colorado personnel system pursuant to state law. These positions are at-will and regulated by the State Board for Community Colleges and Occupational Education Policies and Procedures.

Classified Positions – CCCS is a part of the State of Colorado personnel system. Classified positions are those that apply to the personnel system and are regulated by the Colorado State Personnel Board Rules and Personnel Director’s Administrative Procedures. Employment opportunities for Classified positions at the CCCS System Office and our 13 community colleges can be found on the Colorado Division of Human Resources website.

CCCOnline Instructors – CCCS hires Adjunct Instructors to teach online courses through CCCOnline. Adjunct Instructors are hired to teach courses on a temporary, as needed basis. When openings in programs are available for the coming semester, they will be listed below. Please note that although courses are taught online, preference is given to Colorado residents. For more information about CCCOnline, please visit CCCOnline website.


Employment Opportunities

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CCD – Scholarship Coordinator


CCCS – Internal Audit Manager

ACC – Accountant


ACC – TAACCCT Grant Director


FRCC – Faculty, Nursing #300460 WC

CCCS – Payroll Director

LCC – Agriculture Faculty/Department Chair


TSJC – Director of Library Services


FRCC-Controller, Fiscal Services-Accounting #100280 CW WC (deadline extended to 2/16/2015)

FRCC – Vice President of the Larimer Campus


CCCOnline – Philosophy Subject Matter Expert (SME)

CCCS – Senior Linux Administrator

CCCS – Senior Network Security Administrator