Human Resource & Payroll Forms

For All Employees

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Finance Forms and Internal Purchasing Procedures
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) template
MOU Instructions
MOU Routing Slip
Outside Employment Disclosure
Personnel Request Form
Request to Hire a PERA Retiree
Routing Slip for Personnel Request and Request to Hire PERA Retiree Forms
Supervisor/Approver Change Request Form
Teleworking Policy
Teleworking Agreement

For Administrative, Professional, and Technical Employees

Form Link/ Download
Exempt Job Description
Instructions For Completing an Exempt Job Description
Exempt Job Description Form
Essential Functions for Exempt Job Description
CCCS Pay for Performance Plan
Performance Planning and Evaluation Check List for Supervisors
Pay-For-Performance Procedure
Evaluation Form
Annual Leave Sharing Policy

For Classified Employees

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Position Description Guidance
Position Description
Personnel/Position Action Form (PPAF)
Overtime Agreement
FLSA New Hire Agreement
Annual Leave Sharing Policy
CCCS Pay for Performance Plan -
Classified Performance Planning & Evaluation Check List
Classified Performance Management Form
CCCS Dispute Resolution Process
CCCS Dispute Resolution Form
Perkins Time Report
DPA Grievance Flow Chart
Grievance Form
Consolidated Appeal / Dispute Form
Consolidated Appeal / Dispute Instructions
Consolidated Appeal / Dispute Checklist
Whistle Blower Form

COBRA Forms for Non-Classified Employees

Coming Soon. Contact CCCS Human Resources at 303-595-1589 for specific questions and information.

Domestic Partnership Forms for Non-Classified Employees

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Definition of Domestic Partnership and Benefits Summary
Definition of Dependent
Important Tax Information
Affidavit of Domestic Partnership
Certification of Tax-Qualified Dependents
Termination of Domestic Partnership

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Forms for Non-Classified Employees

Forms Download
Notice of Eligibility
Medical Certification Form – Employee
Medical Certification Form – Family Member
Medical Certification Form – Military Family Exigency
Medical Certification Form – Service Member
Designation Form
Fitness to Return

Payroll Processing Calendars

Year Description PDF Download
FY16 Biweekly and Monthly Color Coded Calendar
Monthly Payroll Calendar – List
Biweekly Payroll Calendar – List
FY15 Biweekly and Monthly Color Coded Calendar
Monthly Payroll Calendar – List
Biweekly Payroll Calendar – List
FY14 Biweekly and Monthly Color Coded Calendar
Monthly Payroll Calendar – List
Biweekly Payroll Calendar – List

Payroll Forms


Forms & Information Download
Hand-drawn Check Request
Hand-drawn Checks Policy
Imprest Check Request
Payroll Confirmation Worksheet
Liability Confirmation Worksheet
LWOP Pre-Pay Insurance Notification Form
Moving Expense Worksheet 2014
Overpayment/Void Adjustment Request
Refund Request Form
Out of State W-4 Listing
Direct Deposit Authorization
Federal W-4, (2015)
Note: Changing exemptions on the Federal W-4 will also change your Colorado State Tax exemptions unless otherwise noted.

General Forms

Forms Downloads
Common Law Affidavit
Leave Request Form – Classified
Leave Request Form – Non-Classified
Orientation Check Off List
Personnel File Check-off List
PERA Address Change Form
Reference Check Form